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Updated: May 15, 2019

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Are you seeing a change in your child’s hair ? Perhaps they are about 9 years old and their hair changing ? The tangles are out of this world and its a chore to do ? Then you are reading the right blog my friend ! Our hair changes every 5 - 7 years ! Yes that means yours too ! Before a person’s hormones develop fully, the follicle is not done maturing either. The baby hair must shed off and the adult hair will replace it. Basically like our teeth, but this cycle continues throughout our whole lives.

Tip 1

Moisturize ! Yes it is totally worth it. As a curly girl we should deep condition around every third to fourth shampoo. For kids this definitely applies too. Plus it will make detangling a breeze ! WoooHooo ! Wash their hair with a 100% sulfate free cleanser. 100% free is very different then sulfate free. I know, they make it easy don't they? Then, add a deep conditioning mask (or a daily conditioner) to towel dried hair for no less than 10 minutes. Clip it up during that time.

Tip 2

Detangle! Small sections is the key here ! Start from the bottom and work you way up. Don't be in a rush as you tear right through healthy strands. Making the tangles worse down the road.

Tip 3

Rinse with cool water. Cold water is nature’s flat iron, especially down here in Florida ! If you have them lean face first over the tub, it usually works better. Depending on the conditioner you are using, try to leave some in on the ends where it’s really dry.

Tip 4

Start scrunching the ends of the curls all the way to roots. Apply your styler of choice onto the wet curls. Trying to scrunch and hold in the areas that don’t seem to curl as well. Less scrunching on the area that has more curl. You trying to equalize the different curl patterns so treat them differently.

Tip 5

Blot the curls up into the root in a slow scrunching motion. Only use a cotton T-shirt or a large microfiber towel. Air drying is the best as far as keeping the hair healthy and tangle free in the future. Be patient with this process ! Hair doesn’t believe in instant gratification (unfortunately !!!)

Tools You May Want!



The WET BRUSH Its a cheap investment and runs through tangles effortlessly and pain free! Also have the best detangling combs!

Devacurl’s HEAVEN IN HAIR A little goes a long way and it wont promote dryness as it is build up free.

Devacurl’s DELIGHT LOW POO AND ONE CONDITION Light but hydrating ! Won't sting eyes and 100% sulfate free!

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