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Still Afraid to Wash Your Hair?!

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I often get faced with the question of “How often do I wash my hair?” My answer is “ I no longer restrict myself to a certain washing schedule.” I lived a very long time under the impression that because my hair was so dry I should only wash my hair once or twice a week. Because of those restraints I was unable to live the active Florida lifestyle that I wanted to. Sunday was always wash day. And I would never do anything to jeopardize my style during the week. Meaning, no swimming, no sweating, no bobby pins, etc. I went as far as to traveling with a flat iron in my purse. To say the least, it was absolutely miserable and basically affected my life way too much. Over the years of growing in my natural curls and learning how to properly maintain the health of my hair, I discovered that the complete opposite is actually the truth. Ask yourself what do you need to survive nutrients, oxygen, and


So how does it make sense to not give our hair a drink of water????????

Depriving your naturally dry hair of water to keep it more moisturized doesn’t even make sense. So I started investigating this. Shampoo was created to clean your skin. Without healthy skin you cannot I repeat cannot have healthy hair. Your hair grows from inside of your scalp so not being able to clean it regularly and kill bad bacteria will promote even more dry coarse hair. So I tested the theory for myself. I No Pooed every day for 30 days straight. And what I found was nothing. There was absolutely no difference in my hairstyle for the health of my hair. By washing my scalp every day with Devacurl’s No Poo I realized that I had just been misinformed. Haven’t we all? Cleaning your scalp should not leave it dry and tangled. If that is what you are finding is happening to you, then it is time to join the no poo movement.


For 2 weeks, use Devacurls No Poo. as often as possible. The next two weeks only co wash. Listen to your hair. Let your hair decide for you. Pay attention to the weather too. The climate has a lot to do with the outcome.

-Kelly Nicole

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