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Girl, Wash Your Hair!

Updated: Mar 15, 2019


Conditioner washing. Ugh! Girl wash your hair! Put down your YouTube PHD and listen up. IF YOU ARE CO-WASHING and you yourself have not checked the ingredients in all of your products, you could seriously be hurting yourself! Shampoo was created for a reason! A co-wash can not be bought I repeat CAN NOT BE BOUGHT! It's something that you should be doing. Co-washing is when you rinse off your product and apply conditioner then style as normal. You must remember that without a healthy scalp you can not have healthy hair. If your still at war with frizz then this blog definitely applies to you too. Sebum is the official word for the oil that your scalp creates. Its created all over your body and its purpose is to protect your skin and hair. However if this is not properly removed it can clog your pores and clog your precious curls. Dead skin! Dead skin cells can also clog your beautiful pores. This is just natural build up. When you add in excessive product build up, its a recipe for disaster. It's also usually a very slow process. So watch out! Scalp irritation is the least of your worries at this point.


Yes I said bald! We are on the verge of a hair loss epidemic! Yes studies are showing women's hair loss has grown to extremely high rates. Why? Diet might have something to do with it, absolutely. My theory is product. Product will build up in the scalp. When the new hair is being formed, there isn't as much room for it. So it starts to grow in with a finer diameter. If the build up continues, eventually the hair follicle can just become smothered and die. Once it dies it cannot grow back. Its gone forever. Hence, alopecia.

Killing bad bacteria and constantly messaging the hair and most importantly the scalp, can stop thinning hair before it begins.Try it yourself. I’m always giving challenges to my clients. Try No Poo-ing everyday or every time that you get in the shower. Listen to your hair and scalp if it reacts badly, I suggest to take the time and look up the ingredients. You can find the answers there. You might be pleasantly surprised. For most clients that do this challenge, their results are less itching, less dry flakes, and more freedom to live the active lifestyle that they want.

-Kelly Nicole

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