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Diffusing Frizz Free Tutorial

…………..."Curls with the Specialist!"

Keep You’re Definition And Skip The Dry time !

Welcome Curl Friends, diffusing can be tricky. Especially with the Florida rains coming in. Your almost guaranteed to have frizzy, and too soft curls right now. Try the HOVERING technique. Layer your products by creams and oils first. Then a strong holding gel and/or hairspray to complete your look! Start with high heat moving down to medium heat and then finally cool. Allow to dry the rest of the way and then scrunch your curls open !

  1. Load up on products !

  2. Don’t be afraid of gels and hairspray !

  3. Toss over and “HOVER” starting at the roots !

  4. Start with high heat, then move to medium and finally end on cold !

  5. Don’t scrunch up with your diffuser until your curl cast is almost fully formed !

  6. When done, don’t scrunch curls open until fully dry !

…………...Click here to watch the tutorial !

-Kelly Nicole

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