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Curly Girl Method!

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Hey Curl Friends,

The curly girl method. What is it exactly? Well, basically its a method of styling…We know this. There are so many conflicting articles surfacing on the web about curls. While these beauty gurus are not necessarily wrong, they just might be right about there own hair and not yours. Listen to your hair. It knows what it wants and needs. Learn about frizz and what makes it tick! Frizz is just your cuticle layer. Yep! That’s it! The first 4-5 layers of the hair shaft. Think of garage doors that are pointing down. When the doors are open that is frizz. Naturally, the cuticle layer pops open at every curl bevel. Hence, the curlier the hair, the more frizz we have.


Sulfates can be very drying on some curl types. We live in an extremely clean society. Sulfates can be a very aggressive clean, leading to dry scalp and hair. More importantly it will rough up your delicate cuticle layer, creating more frizz on already textured hair. To kill bad bacteria you do not need sulfates. It’s almost like using Germ X. It strips all the good and bad bacteria. More importantly, the bubbles can add more frizz to your natural frizzy hair. So if you are a wavy curly girl or you live in a dry/cold climate, bubbles may not be such a bad thing. The right kind of bubbles of course.


Remember those little garage doors we were just talking about? Those are actually the way the hair “breathes, drinks, and eats.” I ask my clients all the time, what do you need to survive? Oxygen, water, and nutrients. Your hair is no different. You already know that curls are naturally more dry. Probably, because our cuticle layer is permanently lifted up. But! If our cuticle layers are constantly open, maybe it’s because our hair needs more water than straight hair. The point is, if you're constantly “saran wrapping” your cuticle layers with hidden silicones and waxes, (silicone/paraffin have many twins) how do you expect your hair to drink up all the water that it needs to stay hydrated? Guess what else? The only way to properly remove these build ups are, you guessed it, sulfates. These build ups can lead to premature shedding and balding. Oils too! Oils repel water! Of course when you DIY your own hot oil treatments your hair is so silky smooth and frizz free. Just like any other build up, it is not your hair. It is a BUILD UP! So when it finally fades off, your cuticle layers open up even more trying to grab any water it can because you have just suffocated it, for a week straight! Then we “fight” back and do another treatment. That is when we are stuck in a frizzy, dry, revolving door.


Water soluble products. Botanical hair care is the way to go. It comes off with water. Meaning, the only reason to use a cleanser is to clean the skin. Healthy scalp equals healthy hair. Allowing it drink as much as it possibly can will remove frizz the natural way. It can breathe! Don’t you like to breathe? Also, the nutrients that we think we have been feeding our hair all along will actually start to be absorbed into the hair. “Feeding” your hair and making it strong, healthy and frizz free.

-Kelly Nicole

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