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Calling All Co-Washers!

…………..."Curls with the Specialist!"


Especially if you live down here in Southwest Florida! It’s always hot, it’s always humid and I just absolutely love love love love it. My hair? Not so much!

I have excessively dry skin. With that usually comes dry hair, imagine that! So being able to co - wash is amazing! Warning! If you are trying to co - wash and your curly products are not water-soluble, down to every last ingredient including natural oils. Do not co-wash regularly. Creator of DevaCurl, Lorraine Massey developed an amazing website to check the ingredients for you. Check Your Ingredients Here!

Co - washing is also something that you do. It is not sold in a bottle. Now this only applies for the curly girls in the world. If you’re flat ironing and blow drying your hair every day then this is not the blog for you.

So pretend that you’re just waking up and you just saved the entire world in your dreams. There is no helping your hair today it just has to be completely re-washed and styled. But you just cleansed yesterday. It’s the perfect opportunity to co - wash..


It’s simple! Get in the shower thoroughly rinse with warm to hot water gently shaking your curls to remove any product I also encourage you to scrub your scalp which will break up any dead skin cells and natural oil’s. Then apply conditioner midshaft and ends detangling with your fingers. After that rinse some of your conditioner out using Coldwater apply your styling products and allow to dry.

The only difference is that you did not use a cleanser. But keep in mind you did not kill any bad bacteria that might be growing on your scalp. So try not to co - wash excessively. Product buildup is a curly girls worst nightmare. Keep in mind just because the label says that it is organic, does not mean that it does not build up in those products. Product buildup will literally suffocate your delicate hair strands preventing any kind of moisture and nutrients to enter in. But it can also cause permanent hair loss because your scalp cannot breathe. It’s all about healthy scalp to get healthy hair.

-Kelly Nicole

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