Kelly Nicole Curly Transformations

New Client Curly Transformation:  

FIRST TIME WOMEN'S (2 hours) $163.00

FIRST TIME MEN'S (1.5 hours) $133.00

FIRST TIME CHILDREN UNDER 12 (1.5 hours) $133.00

This is for NEW Guests! Ready to unleash your curls? This ONE time experience is for any new guests. Whether you have had a Curly cut in the past, this appointment is sure to set you on the path to SUCCESS!

What to Expect

Please allow up to two hours from start to finish. We will be cutting the hair in their dry natural state. Please have freshly styled curls and be free of hair ties, clips, and buns/ponytails. This will ensure the best results. We will have an in depth and very personalized consultation. Product and ingredient knowledge. How to sleep and refresh your curls. The Curly cut will then be put into action, following with hands-on styling with you. We will then dry the hair in it’s natural state and check the haircut to perfection.


WOMEN'S CURLY CUT (1 hour) $83.00

MEN'S CURLY CUT (45min) $63.00

CHILDREN UNDER 12 (45min) $53.00

CURLY TUNE UP (30min) $58.00

For established clients only.  Refining the existing cut. Does not include wash or styling.



Starts at $150



Balayage, ombré, pintura. This is a technique that hugs your curls in all the right places. Standard highlighting tend to be streaky on the top of your hair. Then loose it’s definition as they go down. Highlights also require more maintenance and can actually cost more, yearly. This is a very personal coloring technique and prices very for each individual. I would highly suggest  reserving a free consultation to get an appropriate price quote. 

COLOR RETOUCH (1 hour) $68.00 


REDKEN. This color line stops aging hair in it’s tracks. With low odor and low ammonia content, Redken color fortifies and adds ARGAN OIL and rice PROTEIN, deep into the cortex of your curls. 



FULL FOIL $125.00

SHINE’S GLOSS (30min) $48

This protein enhanced gloss, will activate your hair’s natural shine. Eliminate brass or refresh your color with out damage.