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About Me


It all started when...

I started my cosmetology career in 2011. Being born and raised in South West Florida made my hair very unruly and rebellious. In forever search of the “golden product” to tame my frizz, it wasn’t until 2013 that I started the transition from ironing and relaxing, to natural curls.

The freedom I have now with my hair has opened a whole new world to me. My mission is to show ever curly girl that they too have beautiful hair. I love to teach guests about how their curls works and what their hair actually needs to combat frizz at home.

Living the Florida life style is possible with curly hair. I am here for all your curly needs. I can’t wait to start your healthy hair journey!



Deva Advanced Stylist

Completed the DevaCurl hands-on Level 2 course, featuring advanced cutting and color techniques


Kelly Nicole created Curls And Co in 2018. She always dreamed of being an entreprener. 

She started specializing in natural curls in 2014. 

She perfected her craft by taking curl courses all over the country. 

Now she has opened a full salon of her own. 

She trains her curl techs in her unique approach to curly hair. 

Education never stops in her salon company. 


"There will never be enough curl specialists in the world. I love training my staff in all things curly. 

I strive to give my community an experience that is both uplifting and eductational."


Kelly Nicole has been trained in multiple curl brands and has since perfected her own unique style of natural curl cuts.



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