New Guest Curly

This is for NEW Guests! Ready to unleash your curls? This ONE time experience is for any new guests. Whether you have had a Curly cut in the past, this appointment is sure to set you on the path to SUCCESS!

What to Expect

Please allow two hours from start to finish. We will be cutting the hair in their dry natural state. Please have freshly styled curls and be free of hair ties, clips, and buns/ponytails. This will ensure the best results. We will have an in depth and very personalized consultation. Product and ingredient knowledge. How to sleep and refresh your curls. The Curly cut will then be put into action, following with hands-on styling with you. We will then dry the hair in it’s natural state and check the haircut to perfection.

Experience Curls



The Curly way of life is simply a must for Florida’s humid climate.

The cut is performed by cutting each curl, while the hair is sculpted. Creating bouncy curls that work with each other, rather than against each other.

Struggling with frizz won’t be an issue anymore. These botanical products, create light hydration without any weight. Rather than coating the hair in silicone or parrifin wax, these products will absorb into the hair. Making your hair frizz free, even in the harsh Florida atmosphere.


Curls Chose Me

Curly cut is simple.

It is a Revolutionary hair cut, where the curls are cut one by one. Creating a unique shape that is perfectly sculpted for you. It is a product source that only contains the healthiest of botanical oils and botanical extracts. It is a 3 step styling system created to enhance natural curl and allow for a long lasting frizz free style. Guaranteed to promote the health, shine, and bounce of your natural curls. Curly cut will never allow SILICONE, PARABENS, or PARRIFFIN to interfere with your curls. The botanical cleansers will gently clean your hair and scalp, without stripping or dehydrating your hair.

You Choose What You Need

The  New Guest Curly Transformation:  $193.00

Existing Curly Guests:  $98.00

Refresh Your Colors or Cover Your Grays:  $78.00

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About Me

It all started when...

I started my cosmetology career in 2011. Being born and raised in South West Florida made my hair very unruly and rebellious. In forever search of the “golden product” to tame my frizz, it wasn’t until 2013 that I started the transition from ironing and relaxing, to natural curls.

The freedom I have now with my hair has opened a whole new world to me. My mission is to show ever curly girl that they too have beautiful hair. I love to teach guests about how their curls works and what their hair actually needs to combat frizz at home.

Living the Florida life style is possible with curly hair. I am here for all your curly needs. I can’t wait to start your healthy hair journey!